Want to Join Us?

Come out to our fall events—all members of the Bruin Band are welcome! Learn more about our chapter and see if we’re a good fit for you!

Candidate Process

Every winter, the sisters of Epsilon Kappa honor outstanding members of the Bruin Band with a nomination for candidacy, which serves as an invitation to interview with the sisters of EK.

After the interview, sisters extend bids to those prospective candidates who demonstrate the qualities essential to our organization. Accepting this bid is the first step in the candidate process for Tau Beta Sigma!

Candidates undergo a quarter-long process in which they become acquainted with the history, purposes, and values of Tau Beta Sigma, as well as the sisters of EK and brothers of Psi. We have a zero tolerance policy for hazing.

Say Hello!

Please reach out with any questions about candidacy and membership that you may have, and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!